Balou was founded and created by British born designer Miss Banayioda Theodorou with her vision of creating affordable luxury fashion for both adults and kids.
Banayioda has been a bridal and womenswear fashion designer for over 10 years; and developed a growing interest in kidswear since the birth of her daughter in 2016.

Balou styling is classic & timeless, understated simplicity. They design clean silhouettes with neutral colours and minimal detailing. 

Quality is at the essence of classic style. And it is the quality of a piece that ultimately makes it timeless.  

The Essentials Collection is an expression of sporty classic, the neutral colour palette and minimal detail remains, fused with a more casual silhouette for an on-the-go lifestyle. 

Balou’s philosophy goes into every product they make; designing and creating clothing with a style that cannot be found on the usual high street. Providing luxury must have items for both kids, all the while affordable.
Kids have a new sidekick in Balou Bear, he represents importance, confidence & comfort.
Inspired by the creators relationship, Balou represents that special bond between a child and their nurturer. A big part of Balou are the Me & You collections, matching outfits of simplicity and style, for both kids and adults.
A dedication to positive attachment and championing parents across all family setups. A bond like no other, raising heroes and heroines.